General Pest Treatment

A General Pest Control service is essential to eliminate or prevent pest infestations in your home or business. Our anti pest treatments are designed to effectively minimise the spread of diseases, contamination of food and damage to your building caused by unwanted pests.

Our General Pest Control treatment involves a full site inspection and risk assessment. To ensure we target each pest species, we use a combination of baits and repellents inside the home followed by perimeter treatments both inside and outside. We also focus on roof voids and sub floors which are generally the biggest problem areas for pests and rodents.

Nice Home Service General Pest Control service is tailored to target each pest species to ensure effective elimination of all pests and minimise future infestations. Our fully trained and licensed General Pest Control technicians will:

  • Survey and report findings and potential pest risk areas

  • Apply various treatments for targeting specific pest species and problem areas including specialised gels, surface sprays and powders in roofing and sub floors

  • Issue a General Pest Control Certificate

  • Recommend a pest management program to prevent reinfestation