Flea Control

Nice Home Service provide effective Flea Pest Control services Sydney wide including End of Lease Flea Treatments which is now mandatory in NSW.
Fleas are common pests especially for cat and dog owners. Fleas can be a problem even in properties where there have been pets in the past. During the warmer months, fleas will multiply at alarming rates thus it is essential to have an effective flea control program to end their life cycle. Fleas are parasites and will feed on both pet and human blood. Flea bites are not just an itchy nuisance, your pets can also develop allergies from flea saliva and fleas are known to transmit diseases.
Nice Home Service uses a variety of professional anti flea formulations, which are some of the safest on the market, to effectively treat specific flea problem areas whilst keeping your family and pets safe. Inside the property, we will treat hard surfaces, rugs, carpets, sofas and under furnishing. We use specialised flea treatments in roof voids, sub floors and treat outdoor areas.
Our expert pest technicians are familiar with all stages of the flea cycle to ensure targeted and effective flea removal and long-term management. We highly recommend annual flea control programs as a preventative.