German Cockroach Control

A professional cockroach treatment is the best way to eliminate German cockroaches from your home, office or business. Our Nice Home Service technicians are certified and licensed applicators of the most effective German cockroach treatments and will develop a control program to prevent re-infestation.
German cockroaches are notorious for spreading diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery and Gastro, to name a few. Worse still, for businesses, German cockroaches pose additional threats including contamination of food items and damage to the company’s reputation. No matter how clean your home or business is, German cockroaches are scavengers with the ability to survive on limited resources by feeding on crumbs, dirty dishes, toothpaste or even soap.
German cockroaches breed at a rapid rate and have a strong resilience to household products so we recommend a specialist pest control service without delay. Our professional-grade products have the ability to eliminate all stage of the German cockroach cycle however we do recommend an annual German cockroach treatment plan as a preventative. We have the option for a more eco-friendly approach to German cockroach management however in extreme cases, a more toxic cockroach treatment is required.

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