Rodent Control

The ramifications of a rodent infestation ranges from unpleasant to costly and life threatening. Rodent control is crucial to avoid the transfer of serious diseases such as Leptospirosis, Bubonic plague, Salmonella and Rat-Bite fever and even asthma in children. Rodents can breed at alarming rates and can cause costly damage to your home or business by chewing furniture, walls, fire-causing cables and contaminating food. Even if outside, rodents pose many risks particularly for children and pets and tend to eventually migrate indoors in the colder or wetter months.
Rodent Damage to Building Systems
Rodents, in particular rats and mice, love to chew on wires and insulation. Electrical damage caused by rodents are expensive and highly dangerous. Rodents can strip off protective insulation to expose bare wires which may spark electrical fires or damage panels that can affect entire electrical systems.
Air conditioning units and duct systems can also be infiltrated by rodents. These destructive pests gnaw through ducts and build nests inside air returns. Ductwork infestation can reduce the efficiency of systems, require costly repairs and expose inhabitants to hazardous germs in the air.
Structural Damage caused by Rodents
Mice, rats and larger rodents are all equipped with incisors that can gnaw through wood, sheetrock, furniture and building materials. These pests frequently make holes to enter roofs, attics, chimneys and walls. Rodents can even damage building foundations. Once inside, they’ll continue to wreak havoc.
Contamination and Rodent Transmitted Diseases
Germs found in rodent droppings, urine and saliva can contaminate most surfaces in your home or business with serious diseases. Airborne germs are an issue and simply sweeping or cleaning rodent droppings can stir up salmonella, hantavirus and various bacterial diseases.
Rodent colonies are linked to unpleasant odours and serious health concerns. Unnoticed infestations can contribute to unusual smells that aggravate asthma, allergies and respiratory problems. Rodents may also die in difficult to reach areas leading to extreme odour problems that require fumigation.
Our certified technicians are trained in the latest pest control technologies to ensure we offer the most efficient rodent control services on the market to avoid costly damage and the spread of diseases. To prevent rodent infestations or catch problems early, we recommend regular pest inspections.