Food And Beverage Industry

We are experienced and qualified to practise pest management within strict industry guidelines. Our stringent focus on food legislation compliance ensures we are trusted by our high profile food industry clients to provide effective and compliant commercial pest control services.
Pest Control for Food Processing & Warehousing – With food brands in the public eye, food safety compliancy is not an area to scrimp on. Food poisoning from pest-related diseases makes for damaging headlines to your business brand and may incur heavy penalties. Our experienced Nice Home Service team will undergo pest management systems within the rigid regulations to protect your business and customers.
Pest Management for Restaurants, Bars & Pubs – A pest-related poisoning incident in your food & beverage venue is detrimental to your reputation, not to mention the consequential penalties involved. Even if the media don’t get a hold of it, social media and public review sites will expose any pest activity scandals. Don’t risk it. The qualified Nice Home Service team is trusted by some of Sydney’s best restaurants, pubs and bars to manage all pest control requirements to protect their reputations and clientele.
Pest Control for Food Retail Stores & Supermarkets – Pest activity in your food store can result in damaging health risks to your customers, reputation and cash flow. Pests and rodents can also cause considerable damage to your stock with pests having easy access to perishables and rodents capable of eating through packaged products. Nice Home Service provides food retailers peace of mind with our expert knowledge of NSW pest management legislation for the food retail industry.
Our pest control specialists are fully licensed and advocate legislation requirements including OH&S and Work Cover standards.

Real Estate, Property management&Strata Agencies

Nice Home Service provides a full range of pest elimination and pest management solutions for residential and commercial throughout Sydney. We have built a solid reputation amongst Property Managers, Strata and Real Estate agencies for our tailored pest management service designed to control pest infestation with minimal disruption to tenants and commercial clients.

Pests and rodents tend to be problematic in lease situations, particularly in apartment and commercial buildings. Pests are commonly transferred into rental properties and food establishments hidden in boxes and appliances and will spread quickly throughout buildings via shared plumbing and pipes. Pests bring with them unpleasant diseases, spoil produce and can affect a company’s reputation thus it is essential Real Estate agencies keep pests under control.

Pest2Kill offers a one-stop-shop for pest control services for tenants, landlords and commercial clients. We specialise in reliable End of Lease Flea Treatments and Bond Return Pest Control to refer to vacating tenants and protect landlords. To minimise the workload of our busy Strata and Property Managers, our pest management service also includes:

  • Preparation of intention to spray notice (for multi occupancy)

  • Free key pickup/drop service from/to agency

  • Liaising with tenants to organise treatment bookings

  • All documentation is provided

  • Invoice once pest treatment is completed

  • Annual reminders for follow up pest treatments to prevent re-infestation